Jonny Mayes



Jonny Mayes

I graduated in Graphic & Communication Design (Industrial) from Leeds University in 2015, attaining a 2:1 and successfully completing a placement year. After interning for the UK's most awarded creative consultant, The Chase, I have spent the last year as a freelance designer, working with my own clientele as well as doing in-house work for various agencies. I spent 7 months freelancing for the award winning agency Glorious Creative, having been personally recommended to them by the creative director of The Chase, Peter Richardson. I am now moving to London and am excited to leave my freelance ways behind in order to find a more permanent position within an agency down south.  

I am proficient when it comes to print design and art-working, having designed magazines, zines, roller banners, as well as signage for various brands. Branding and identity building has been arguably the forefront of the work I have done, having worked on conceptual re-brands at Uni such as Education UK, to large scale live branding projects within agencies such as the re-brand of H2 Energy I did whilst at Glorious Creative. I also have worked in more experimental areas, exploring the world of generative design and music for my final project at University (as seen in my portfolio). I am proficient in website design and have created numerous live websites both for my freelance work, as well within agencies. I also have a basic understanding of Wordpress.

I take great pride in the work I design, and always strive to create an effective, focused product that fits my clients needs and goals. I work well with clients, and would consider myself a strong communicator, presenter, and listener. My career goals are to grow as a graphic designer, learn as much about the industry as possible and continue to work hard to output fantastic design to the best of my ability.

If you like the look of my portfolio and fancy a chat, please don't hesitate to contact me.




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